Are you looking for a business card scanner that will allow you to import and export information with ease? Read through this article as it takes an in depth look at what some of these scanners are capable of doing.

From the time the concept of business card scanners came onto the scene the technology has improved so much the latest scanners are quite handy gadgets to have. If you are looking for a network business scanner then you are in the right place. The available brands have extensive packages and some incorporate scanners that can be used in a network.

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Lets take a look at some of the more common ones

Targus Mini USB Scanner

This scanner can be used for networking and is also known for its relatively high speed. It has relatively good optical recognition qualities and is fairly accurate. The inbuilt filing directory is quite flexible and efficient even allowing you to create your own fields. This enables you to store the cards in locations that will easily be remembered by you.

WorldCard Color

This rather highly efficient color scanner can be linked to a network of computers allowing multiple user sharing and access. It also allows for later editing of business cards. For example if the contact information on any one card changes you can edit without the need for a rescan.


This scanner offers the widest range of choices. You can even get a desktop scanner for a small office environment, scanners that are suitable for a management team and a network business scanner that will cater for whole company. Another advantage they have is they compatibility with most hand held devices like PDAs and smart phones.


This rather ingenious scanner can also be uplinked into a network. It is capable of scanning cards in both color and monochrome. The advantage is it allows you to choose. The monochrome scan is faster than a color scan but this scanner can scan 15 cards per minute in color making it quite efficient.

These are not the only available scanners, I’ve just mentioned the more recommended and reliable ones as far as network business card scanners are concerned.