When the Brother MFC 7820N printer is put to the efficiency test, it passes quite easily and places ahead of the leading competitors. Any job an office can throw at it, it can accomplish. In addition, when the MFC 7820N printer toner is installed into this fine machine, professional documents of quality are produced, making this machine even better.

One aspect of this machine that works well with small businesses is the amount of memory that comes standard with the printer, which is 32 MB. With 32 MB of memory, the computer can send up to 600 pages of a document over to the printer and the printer will be able to complete the job with efficiency. In addition, with network capabilities, everyone in a small office can be hooked up to it.

This printer can support all of the computer operating systems in use today along with being certified by Microsoft for use with Vista. Effectively, this means that this printer can be used on new office equipment or even some slightly older models. This can save the company money by not having to upgrade their computers to keep up with the printer.

The printer is a mere 17 inches wide allowing it to fit almost anywhere in an office. This compact size is perfect for smaller offices and home based businesses that may not have the room for one of the larger models, but still need the capacity that this one offers. It would be quite a feat to find another printer of this size with this much power.

The paper feed tray can hold up to 250 sheets of plain paper, either standard or legal size and the output tray will handle 100 sheets before needing to be emptied. This means that the biggest jobs may be sent here without the fear of having to pick papers up off the floor when the output tray fills. One Brother toner can print 1500 documents before needing replacement, which can alleviate the need for cartridge replacement in the middle of a large printing job.

Many offices need to be able to print on different forms of media, which is why the printer can handle printer on various mediums like transparencies and envelopes. With how quickly this printer prints, that output tray can be filled in a mere five minutes. With the speed and capabilities of this printer, the office will be in good shape, as far as printing goes.

Especially useful for the business that wants to waste as little time as possible is the fact that this printer comes with various software to help set up the printer. This will make the entire process much easier, as there will be no confusion. If problems do occur, though, the office manager should call the 800 number.

When the time comes for a new printer, a small office should consider all the standard features of the Brother MFC 7820N printer. Not only that, but when the printer is paired with the Brother MFC 7820N bulk toner, the small business's documents look as though they were printed at the local professional print shop. Brother MFC toner cartridge is quality laser toner for quality businesses.