Overview – This article draws attention to a fast method that anyone can use to independently review the popularity of any computer optimization software (e.g. Registry fix software, registry cleaner software, error fixing software etc..). It also uses the real life example of a website dedicated to help users fix computer errors, which has already adopted this method for screening relevant software for further review.

Readers should be made aware of the fact that, whilst the method described in this article is still new and imperfect it can still be used to their advantage.   

The problem – Never has the choice of computer optimization software been so vast, yet most computer users do not tend to rely on impartial information to verify the popularity of computer optimization software before making their purchase. This is a problem because computer optimization software, which are not popular may be new, unproven or both and are therefore riskier than more popular ones.

The options – Most users still rely on forums. Yet the problem with this approach is that forums provide, at best anecdotal evidence of the popularity of any software. Another obvious downside is the risk that participants to the forum may seek to just promote their own software instead of providing their independent opinion.

Another option is to visit the website(s) of the software vendors. An obvious challenge with this method is that vendors are not independent and that they will always present their software in the best possible way.

Another option, is to review independent sites, which usually compare several computer optimization software in the same category for instance Anti-Virus software, Registry Repair Software, Anti Adware/ Spyware software etc… The problem with this method is that 99% of these sites go straight into the details of the technical features, and that they do not give an independent perspective of the popularity of the products they are comparing, as they lack the data to do so.

So what is the method, which can empower the users to establish the popularity of any computer optimization software independently? (click on registry fix software example)

15 Minutes Method – A superior method is to look at the data provided by digital market places such as Clickbank for example, which is the largest of them all. There as several digital market place which sell many of the most popular computer optimization software and they give these software an indicator of popularity often called Gravity. Put simply, this indicator is linked to the number of sales transactions made for a particular software over a period of time. The Gravity measure of any digital product is calculated and compared independently from any software vendor by Clickbank. Gravity is therefore a good independent measure of popularity. Any user will be able to verify independently if any computer optimization software is popular by visiting Clickbank, alternatively any other major digital marketplace. Despite the fact that even this method has its own limitation (i.e. Clickbank does not sell all Computer Optimization Programs), it is one that can be followed independently by anyone.

Example – Some software review sites have adopted this method and are now referring to the Clickbank popularity of the digital products that they are also reviewing independently (Click on fix registry errors for a live example).