The Brother MFC 8670DN printer/scanner/copier/fax machine is possibly the most versatile piece of equipment in which a home based or small business can invest. This 4-in-1 machine along with MFC 8670DN printer toner can create some of the most professional looking documents.. This unit comes loaded with a wide range of standard features, guaranteed to meet all the needs of any busy office.

With companies needed to be as productive as possible to stay afloat in this tough economy, they need to be able to trust in a machine that can produce quickly. This particular model can pump out thirty pages in just one minute. At the size and price that it is, this is quite a remarkable feat. The auto-duplexing feature is also quite nice, as it will help a company save paper and avoid unnecessary waste.

This machine can be either networked with a number of computers or simply hooked directly to one. This is done by either means of the USB, parallel, or Ethernet interfaces that are built right in to the machine. The unit comes with all the necessary software to accomplish this type of installation and complete instructions.

The scanner glass is large enough to accommodate both standard and legal sized paper allowing literally any business document to be copied or scanned to a file. There is no need to change any settings when accomplishing this task as it is done automatically by the machine. The large five-line LCD display allows the user to scroll easily through all the menu options to get their document just right.

When this printer is loaded with the Brother MFC printer toner with which it comes, professional quality documents are printed. The package is practically ready to go right out of the box too, so no time will be wasted. Just one of these cartridges is good for approximately 3,500 pages before a replacement cartridge is needed.

Designed for the small business, this printer can work with various operating systems. Most users will not have to look online for the proper software to hook up to the printer either, as a plethora of software is included in the deal. When troubleshooting is not working, it is recommended an individual call the 800 number listed on the manual.

For the individual that likes efficiency, this printer is able to hold 250 sheets of paper in the input tray. If this is not enough, an additional tray can be extended that will fit up to 550 sheets of paper, so the office can continually print without having to reload. If the business needs to print on envelopes, transparencies, or labels, this machine can handle it.

Most people looking for a new printer want one that works. Small businesses are looking for one that works with additional features that will help the office run smoothly. For those businesses, this printer is perfect. This is especially the case because it comes with the Brother 8670DN printer toner cartridges. Brother MFC laser toner helps businesses print professional-looking documents that impress customers. Don't forget to stock up on cartridge toner.