When the Brother MFC 8640D printer is matched with the Brother MFC 8640D laser toner, a small office can efficiently print whatever it is it needs to print and the job will look as though it was completed in a professional print shop. The printer is rather quick too, so it will complete this professional job with efficiency. Small offices look for a new printer should really consider this one.

This printer comes with 16 MB of memory installed and is upgradeable to 160 MB to aid in handling any volume of work. There is an installed battery that retains power to the memory as a backup for up to 4 days with the standard memory size. This means that no jobs will be lost should the power go out or phone numbers gone from the fax queue.

This machine can handle any job sent to it with a 250 sheet capacity in the paper tray and by using the optional lower tray, this may be increased to 500. The output tray will hold up to 150 sheets and the document feeder can take 50 sheets at a time and feed them automatically to the copier. Along with standard and legal paper, this copier can use such media as envelopes, transparencies and labels.

If an office faxes often, this machine will help it fax more efficiently. This is because an individual sitting at a computer can send a document over to the machine to be faxed. The document does not have to be already printed. In addition, since this printer works with several different operating systems, it will not be hard to set up this feature.

The speed at which this machine can produce is twenty-one sharp looking pages in one minute. Even working at this speed, the Brother MFC toners will make the documents look quite good. In this modern age, people want things fast, but they want those things to be quality things as well. With this printer and toner cartridge, people can get just that.

As far as scanning capabilities go, this machine is equipped with a scanner that has full color scanning abilities. Of course, the scanner only works with a certain software, but luckily, that software is already installed. There will be no overly complicated troubleshooting occurring when this printer is out of the box. There will only be efficient smooth sailing..

A lot of pre-loaded software means that an individual will be able to take this machine right out of the box and get started. It is especially nice that this machine comes in a compact size too, because then an office can put it just about anywhere, because it will fit just about anywhere. When the time comes to remodel, moving the printer will not be difficult.

If a business invests in this fine machine, they will not regret it. The MFC 8640D printer toner cartridge will erase any worries that a document may not look as good as it could. With Brother MFC bulk toner, documents will look possibly even better than they would if a professional print shop printed them. Quality remanufactured toner matters