Learning how to buy gold coins is always going to be a safe investment in times of financial turmoil and downturn. Once you understand gold coin buying basics, with this knowledge you will have a firm foundation to expand from. As a commodity, Gold bullion is about as stable as they come.

If you are new to the gold buying game, start with gold coins. Coins are not overly large and difficult to hide, plus you can get them for good prices.

Knowledge is power when making an investment and the more you know the more profit you will make. If you don’t know what makes for a good quality coin, then you could end up loosing some money on scratches and wear and tear. Things like this can have an effect on the price of a gold coin. Collectors only want the finest and the best coins to add to their collection. The last thing you want is a sub par coin on your hands. Since the Canadian Maple Leaf is pure gold, it is very popular with collectors, but be careful when buying and storing, it will bend and scratch easily since it is 100% gold.

Online auction websites like Ebay are great places to get good deals on gold since you can easily see how much in demand the coin is, how common it is, and also how much the coin is worth to real people. You can find Canadian Gold Maple Leafs hassle free and securely. It’s simple to see how much a particular coin is worth by checking to see what the auctions end at. Check the amounts of bids and how many different auctions there are for that particular kind of coin to determine popularity and availibilty. A lot of stress is taken off your shoulders when you buy via Ebay thanks to their guarantees and insured transactions through Paypal.

Don’t forget you are not just buying gold, you are also buying a collectible. Although it is a very expensive commodity to collect as a hobby. Taking control of your assets is the wisest choice you could make during a recession. It’s obvious what happens when we let other people play with money that’s not theirs. Buying gold bullion coins is a solid move to take control of your financial state and hedge it in a secure commodity.