These are not only some great ideas for a baby shower, but if you have a person you know who is going to give birth soon. Well they will also work very well for a Christmas present for them this year. Something that every new mother to be will enjoy, and even a unique idea that will be something they will enjoy immensely.

Everyone knows that for that brand new baby the happy couple will need a car seat. Check out a special gift of a britax car seat for that family. Providing a comfortable and nice baby seat to bring their new bundle home from the hospital.

Something that many people forget about when shopping for a new baby is the baby bath toys. Sure they won’t need them for a few months. But these toys are something that will bring child and parent closer each night.

As the child is sitting in the tub the parent can make noises and explain what the toys are. It’s also something really fun to see when the baby tries to imitate the noises that they hear. Soon trying to say the words and maybe even uttering those first words at bath time. Look for items that can serve as fun and learning for these toys.

Another idea that will be quite unique and will offer those parents a nice break is the digital book reader. Giving them the chance to sit in the baby’s room and not read, but have a story read to the child. They can watch and see the wonder in the child’s eyes as they hear the story unfold. This will work fantastic for learning new things too.

With the book reader they will be able to use it for years and get benefits from it. From the early learning ages and placing in something to help them learn while they sleep. To later years when it will be mostly for entertainment purposes only.

With these ideas for gifts that you can request, or things that you should buy before you bring home your child. All are great ideas that will fit into many different budgets. Look at consignment stores for some great deals when you’re trying to get ready for that new child.

Enjoy those wonderful times with your new child, and raise them up safely. Enjoy the holiday season and think of these as either gift ideas for the holidays or for showers that you may attend. Also keep in mind that you can check out consignment stores for some great deals on products too.