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Now you are carrying your baby. Welcome!

There are some women who experience a number of health problems in the course of their pregnancy. You will read them together with the options in three elements of articles. Enjoy the reading!

1. Constipation

The major motive for constipation through pregnancy is the hormonal changes, which slows down the digestive function of meals by delaying down the motion of intestines.

Progesterone, the main hormone of pregnancy, is managed at a high level throughout the pregnancy. This hormone is often a muscle relaxant. Consequently, it slows down or relaxes the bowel which is really made of muscles movements as nicely so the food that you eat moves slowly and waste accumulate inside your body. Increasing volume of force from growing uterus on rectum also leads to constipation. Iron supplements too add to constipation.


Take a diet rich in fiber. Fiber continues undigested and soaks in water, both leading to improve in bulk of feces. Consequently, there is often a push on intestines to work more. Fiber rich food consist of vegetables (celery, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, pea, turnip, carrots, radishes); fruits (like orange, apples, pears, prunes); breakfast cereals; whole wheat bread.

Drink plenty of fluids. Fluids produce feces soft, preventing constipation.

Moderate workouts like walking and swimming also induces the bowel movement.

2. Heartburn

Several women get heartburn through pregnancy. Although it’s harmless, it may be painful and scary. You knowledge a burning sensation extending from base of your breastbone to your can range f.

Heartburn occurs through pregnancy mainly because of increased progesterone levels, which has a relaxing action on muscles. Consequently, it relaxes the valve separating stomach from esophagus or food pipe as well so that the acids inside your stomach seep backward into your esophagus. Throughout later pregnancy, as the size of your baby grows, it occupies most of the space in abdominal cavity, pushing the stomach. This also leads to heartburns.


Don’t get foodstuffs that bring about gastric discomforts, e.g., carbonated beverages; caffeine; acidic foods (citrus fruits, vinegar and tomato); spicy and highly seasoned food; chocolate; processed meats; fried or fatty foods.

Usually do not take large amounts of fluids with meals. Instead, have them in between your meals.

Stay away from taking big meals. Eat small sums but often every 2 3 hours. Eat slowly, chewing the meals properly.

Stay away from eating everything at least 3 hours prior to you sleep.

Keep away from bending your waist and as an alternative bend your knees.

Try sleeping in propped up position, resting on many pillows so that your head is elevated.

Get your self an anta acid, after consultation to your doctor.


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