Flat screens: One screen plasma or a screen LCD?

The  choice of a flat screen above all has to be made according to your manners. Where will be placed the television? What will be the size of the detail? Or still you wish to use the television to view photos either connect it a video game? Either finally simply look at TV channels or organize a session cinema?

What will thus be the criteria of your choice and function of the answer, which cuts screen to choose?
To regulate details depends on the place where the people and especially the distance at which they are. General way , it is necessary to have between 2,5 in 3 times the diagonal of screen to determine the recession with the aim of benefiting  good quality and not to get tired the sight.

But what technology to choose? LCD or Plasma?
LCD technology: for a commonness as to look at the television news, at classic entertainment programmes, at reports or at broadcasts for children, the LCD is the screen the most suited. It is possible also to link a laptop computer or of office so a video game. In pervading light, the LCD offers a better image quality.
Plasma technology: if you wish to use your screen for sessions cinema, lécran Plasma is more advantageous. The dimage quality will be better if you stay in a relative twilight or even better in the dark . Concerning the life expectancy, she is identical for screens LCD and Plasma.

Screen LCD or Plasma and the High Definition.
According to the size, 720 lines for the standard ” HD Ready ” or 1080 lines for “Full HD”, the high definition offers 2 – 5 times more that before. The more the number of pixels is important, the more the visual information is rich, so guaranteeing a better quality and flow image.

The flat screens LCD or plasma tv with integrated hard disk.
Sure manufacturers integrate a hard disk into televisions with flat screen without increasing to screen. This hard disk allows to save in numeric quality a big number of hours of programs.

LCD or Plasma, to you to choose a screen adapted to your needs and your envy! best plasma tv