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Traders Moving Average Secrets

One of the most popular technical analysis indicators is the simple moving average also known as SMA, if you learn how to use these correctly they can be a very useful tool to help you to make good trading decisions. The 50...

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Know Your Trader Style

Did you know that there are 4 mains types of trader and depending on what sort you are will determine many parts of your trading strategy and trading plan. The 4 types are generally referred to as: scalping, day trading, swing...

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How To Buy The Best Stocks

Although it may seem obvious to most stock market swing traders there are a number of simple rules that you can follow which will ensure that you have more success when buying stocks: In the USA stock market there are 3 major...

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Futures Trading Basics

Have you heard of futures trading? From day trading to positions trading, many people trade in the futures markets. There are also futures options where traders trade an option contract which is directly related to the...

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Should You Trade Options?

There is a lot of hype surrounding options trading, and for good reason, it’s a good way make a lot of cash fast, or can be used to grow your capital consistently month after month. There’s also a lot of hype about...

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