A lot of people have found that blogging is a great way to make extra money. Some bloggers sell their own products online and write blog articles to promote them. Other bloggers write blogs for others and get paid for it. A lot of blog writers do both – write for themselves and others.

If you’re a professional blogger, you are going to be writing up to a hundred blog posts per week if you’re going to make decent money. No matter how fast you can type, you’re not going to get very far if you can’t think of anything to write about.

Blogging assignments change from one day to the next. Occasionally, you’ll be given an assignment to write a lot of articles about one thing. That’s great in one respect, because you only need to do your research once and then get down to making money blogging. You may have to research a subject you’re unfamiliar with. Spending an hour learning about scrapbooking papers, for instance, isn’t so bad if you follow up with a dozen or more articles about the subject.

If you’re given a very technical assignment, but they only want a single article, consider turning it down. It may not be worth your time to learn about the technology behind a digital sport watch, for instance. If you are only asked to write about what a handsome watch it is, that can be done in a time efficient manner, though.

Some writers like to get technical assignments because all those facts give them something to write about. They’re at a loss if they’re given an assignment that tells them to write about the aesthetics of a black helmet versus a white helmet. What’s there to say? Some people like one, some like another. How can you write 500 words about that?

If you’re a technical writer, try to write a few non-technical articles. Turn off that part of your brain that tells you you’ve got to get the facts and let your feelings flow. White helmets are for chicks, black for bikers. That’s probably not universally true, but if it’s your angle, go for it! Aesthetics are always subjective, so your article won’t be rejected.

If you’re a creative writer by nature, all you need are a few facts in your blog articles. You can fill in the blanks with creative fluff. You’re not expected to be writing an authoritative textbook, just a light and informative blog article. Keep blogging fun and you will find yourself writing faster and better naturally.